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How to Set a Memorable Holiday Table


How to Set a Memorable Holiday Table

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When it comes to the holidays, we’re understandably focused on the food. But if you’re going to all that trouble, don’t waste your efforts by serving your meal on a haphazardly set table. You don’t need to take out the fine China, but a few simple touches can go a long way in making your holiday meal feel all the more special. Read on for our top tips on how to set a memorable, ‘grammable holiday table.

Choose a Vibe

Are you going for formal? Cozy? Whimsical? Deciding on a mood will give you a decorating direction. Polish the silver if you’re feeling fancy, or mix and match for a boho chic vibe. Whatever you do, do it with intention so it looks purposeful and cohesive.

Add Some Festive Flair

You don’t need special plates with turkeysChristmas trees, or stars of David on them (though, we admit, we do love those) but it’s easy enough to add something that reflects the season. Try festive cloth napkins, a tartan tablecloth, or some special napkin rings to give your table that extra holiday flair.

Get Creative with your Centerpieces

Of course you can’t go wrong with flowers, but the fun part about setting a holiday table is that you can really play with your centerpieces and tabletop decorations. Pumpkins are a great addition in the fall, while pine cones and holly bring the winter indoors. Leaves, herbs, branches, and of course flowers in holiday colors can all make your table pop. Seasonal fruits can also be quite stunning – plus can do double duty as part of dessert at the end of the meal!

Can’t Go Wrong with Candles

It’s kind of amazing how simply adding some candles to your table can change the whole mood. So dim the lights and bask in the glow of candlelight. Go back to your initial vision to decide on what type of candle you’ll use – tall candles in silver, crystal, or glass candlestick holders or candelabras for a formal vibe, tea lights scattered around the table for something more whimsical, romantic votives, or pillar candles in different heights can give the table that boho look.

Personalize Place Cards

Taking the time to write your guests’ names on place cards can make them feel extra special. All you need is card stock and, if you’re feeling fancy, special place card holders, and you’re in business. Deciding where guests will sit can also simplify things and remove that awkward moment when everyone plays musical chairs at the start of the meal.

Set it and Forget it

One more pro tip: set your holiday table the day before the big meal. Everything will look spectacular when guests arrive, and you’ve got one less thing to worry about as you try to perfectly time the turkey with re-heating mashed potatoes. You’ll be the host with the most.

December 21, 2018 at 03:35PM

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